Since a young age, Karma's had a knack for taking seemingly inanimate objects and transforming them into some or other form of art.
At the age of 10 Karma unintentionally produced her first piece of art to gain public attention: using coloured sheets of paper and a bucket load of sticky tape, she'd crafted a complete still-life paper scene, consisting of a colourful fruit bowl with various pieces of fruit. Spotted by a friend of Karma's mother, she was made an offer and it was sold on the spot. 

Today this is her sole objective: to bring value to people, brands and businesses alike by utilising her magic ingredients: functionality, purpose, and the pleasure of aesthetics. 
Today Karma has 10 years of digital design experience (see my LinkedIn profile for more) and am always seeking to improve my skills, widen my range of services and improve my digital and design knowledge. 

Karma hails from one of the most beautiful cities of the world, Cape Town, South Africa, and is currently based in Paris, France. 

I'M AVAILABLE FOR FREELANCE WORK. Get in touch with me here.

In my spare time I also work as a photographer, specialising in plant photography, wedding and travel photography. View my photography website.